City Council Passes Resolution of Commitment to Diversity & Civil Rights (Requested by South Pas Dems)


Resolution_of_Inclusiveness_-_12-21-16_City_of_South_Pasadena.jpgHere are video clips from the December 12, 2016 City Council meeting where South Pas Dems President, Zahir Robb spoke:

and South Pas Dems Secretary/Treasurer, Elizabeth Nowlin, also spoke:


South Pasadena Progressives Speak Out at City Council

On November 16, 2016 progressive voices from the community were heard at the South Pasadena City Council, particularly regarding the issue of rent control and also calling on the Council to pass a resolution affirming the City's commitment to ensuring that the rights of all citizens are respected in light of the increase across the country of xenophobia, racism and homophobia during and subsequent to the national election campaign. 

Dr. Suzie Abajian (South Pas Dems member): 

Linda Krausen (South Pas Dems member): 

David Beadle (South Pas Dems member):  

Samantha Dorman: 

$5000+ raised at South Pas fundraiser for Darrell Park for County Supervisor

Darrell Park for County Supervisor

Chris Holden Recognizes South Pas Resident Maricela Guzman as Veteran of the Year

Congratulations to South Pasadena resident and South Pasadena Democratic Club member Maricela Guzman who was just recognized in Sacramento by Assemblymember Chris Holden as the 2016 Veteran of the Year for Assembly District 41! She was accompanied by her service dog, Tula.


PHOTOS: June 8 Meeting (Election Results Review)

SPDC Monthly Meeting - June 2016

PHOTOS: May 16 Meeting South Pasadena Democratic Club

Photos from our May 16 meeting:


PHOTOS: April 19 Re-Launch is a Success!


Re-launching the South Pasadena Democratic Club

Thank you for visiting the new website for the South Pasadena Democratic Club!

We hope you can join us at our April 19 here to RSVP.

This is an important election year, so please get involved:
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